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Demonstrators for Dublin Bus in 2014

In Spring 2014 Dublin Bus took delivery of two buses on loan from Volvo/Wright to assess the current performances of buses with low emissions, reduced fuel consumption and hybrid technology.

DM1 is a model B5TL double-deck bus with a 5.1 litre diesel engine, Gemini 3 bodywork styling and a single set of doors. It is applied with an all-over white livery and based at Phibsboro Garage. It entered full-time service on 12 June on Route 9, the route on which it was primarily to be used.

DM2 is a B5LH with a 5.1 litre diesel engine accompanied by an electric drive. The two-door layout houses a ramp at the centre door and comes with a light-green/grey livery with additional decals. This bus is operated from Conyngham Road Garage and entered service on Route 151 on 09 July.

Several weight- and energy-saving measures feature on these demonstrator buses. In addition to the weight advantage of smaller engines, certain windows are reduced in size with the panelling and seating of a more lightweight design. Internal bells are wireless, thus reducing the weight and use of wiring. The lighting makes more use of LEDs and the bus length is about 18 centimetres shorter than a current GT model.

The measures make these buses approximately one tonne lighter than average buses delivered lately, which should equate to about a 6% saving on fuel consumption.

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DM1 :

DM2 :