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2014 Review

28 August - SG9 becomes the first of its type to be delivered to Dublin Bus. The registration number of SG1 is 142-D-12014

06 June - Delivery of 70 new SG buses due to commence from August/September. The first batch will be allocated to Phibsboro Garage. Magnetic card validators will not be installed

28 April - Driver familiarisation training started on DM1 at Phibsboro Garage. This bus entered full-time service on 12th June on Route 9, the route on which it was primarily to be used

14 April - DM2 delivered to Conyngham Road Garage. In addition to familiarisation training for drivers and maintenance staff, testing of additional technical modifications took place before it entered full-time service on Route 151 on 9th July

01 April - DM2 (registration number 141 D 21502) delivered to Dublin Bus. Like DM1, inspections and testing will take place before service trials

28 March - DM1 (registration number 141 D 19194) delivered to Dublin Bus. This demonstrator will undergo testing and inspections before being trialled in service

03 March - A batch of approximately 65 new double-decks for Dublin Bus in 2014 will now be classified as 'SG' (Super Gemini). These fleet-replacement buses will be distributed to Donnybrook, Phibsboro, Harristown and Clontarf Garages

22 February - Any RH type Olympians currently on the City Tour will be retired during 2014 as new conversions of AVs take place during the year - initially AVs 65, 66, 67, 68, 93 and 96.   AVs 441, 442 and 445 are due to be converted towards the end of 2014

21 February - AV63 and AV64 are currently being converted for use on the Ghost Bus Tour. AV63 is expected in service towards the end of March. These will replace current RH31 and the recently-retired D450.   AV94 has been converted to a Driver Trainer configuration

21 February - An additional passenger handrail has been fitted to the offside of the stairwell in Ringsend's GT108 for an evaluation

20 February - An order of approximately 60 new double-deck buses for Dublin Bus in 2014 is being considered by the NTA

19 February - The roll-out of WiFi across the Dublin Bus fleet is expected to be completed by the end of April

05 February - Two demonstrator buses are to be trialled by Dublin Bus soon. A B5TL low-emission diesel bus, classified as DM1, will be allocated to Phibsboro Garage and a B5LH diesel-electric hybrid, classified as DM2, will be based at Conyngham Road Garage.